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Trainer guide BIG 5 training course on extension advisory services

Posted on 07-03-2016

Training guide designed based on a needs assessment among stakeholders in the agricultural sector in South Africa in the context of the “Cape Programme for Rural innovation – an initiative of the Department of Agriculture from the Eastern, Northern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa (CAPRI, 2005?2009). The guide was later on further refined in the context of the project ‘Strengthening agricultural extension in South Africa’ (2011?2014). Extension staff needs a solid set of basic know-how for a wide range of challenges they are facing. Analysis of collected data showed that to upgrade the competence of extension staff, social, economic and managerial issues should get full attendance. This resulted in the design of an extension course of five (5) modules covering essential action domains for extension: the setting in which extension is practised, the economic viability of production activities of rural households, skills and motivation of extension workers, group dynamics and leadership, and effective management of extension services. The course consists of 5 modules: the rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard modules, each animal representing a salient feature of the respective extension action domains. The inservice training guide includes one general trainer guide, and a learner guide and a learner workbook for each module. The Trainer Guide is a manual for trainers delivering the Big 5 extension training course, either a single module on one of the five specific domains covered by the course, or the complete set of modules. The guide has methodological guidelines and suggestions based on the principles of adult education and experiential learning.

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