2SCALE Agribusiness clusters: Learning modules and Stories from the field

2SCALE Learning modules

Module 1: Introduction to the CASE approach
Module 2: Financial education
Module 3: Building business relationships
Module 4: Introduction to marketing for agricultural products
Module 5: Economics analysis and crop budgeting
Module 6: Developing a business plan
Module 7: Warrantage of agricultural products
Module 8: Negotiation and contracting
Module 9: Supporting rural organisations
Module 10:Brokering in value chain partnerships, new!

2SCALE Short stories from the field

Promo Fruits – A juicy market for pineapple, Benin - New!
The superb negotiation that reduced transportation cost, Nigeria (cassava) - New!
I will conquer the market with quality Valencia Late oranges!, Ghana - New!
The parboiled rice business in Benin, New!
Epuripur for beer, Uganda
Soy makes both men and women happy, Benin
Le soja fait le bonheur des hommes et des femmes, Bénin
Sesame: ready for take off, 2SCALE stories from the field, Mali 
Sésame du Mali, journal article 
Onions without tears, Mali 

Related short stories on agribusiness clusters (prepared in 2011 for IFDC's 1000s+ project) 

Abdou's workers (honey, Mali)
Amazing Grace (Soybean, Ghana)
Angela, the chicken or the egg (chicken, Benin)
Camille strikes while the paste is hot (groundnut, Burkina Faso)
Faithful Ceasar (sesame, Burkina Faso)
Help me buy a dress (parboiledd rice, Ghana)
Hot, hot stuff (chili pepper, Ghana)
Juliette’s gari is the best (cassava, Benin)
Mamy, the maize and the cucumber (maize and vegetables, Burkina Faso)
Nuts about tigernuts (tigernut, Mali)
Pineapples are on great form (pineapple, Benin)
Sesame, open, sesame (sesame, Mali)
Shea butter turns into green soap (shea nut, Mali)
Yacouba, craving for white gold (sorghum, Burkina Faso)

2SCALE videos

On Agribusiness coaches in action:

From cassava to beer, Nigeria, New!

Coaching and collaboration, soya, Benin

Soya goussi, Benin

Pineapple cluster, Mono, Benin

Rabbit cluster, Atlantic, Benin

Rice cluster, Ghana

Rising Rice, CASE approach illustrated

Approche CASE (French)

Soy cheese (trailer), Benin

United through markets: Building capacity for competitive agricultural systems and enterprises in W. Africa: 4 examples of Agri-Business Clusters in Ghana and Togo

On Public-private partnerships in agribusiness:

From Cassava to Beer: Roots to Empowerment

Craving for Credible Cream - part1

FrieslandCampina: Dairy Development Program: part1 final Ordinateur  


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