KOKP-NFP and MSP (MENA) Scholarship information  


On 1 July 2017 the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) entered a new phase as a new programme under the name OKP (Orange Knowledge Programme).  


The NFP (OKP & MENA) scholarship application is closed
The Scholarship application period closed on 21 March 2018


Link to the:  Fellowship application form (inactive)

For an OKP-NFP scholarship select on the opening page: OKP/NFP – short courses
For an MENA-MSP scholarshio select on the opening page: MENA Scholarship programme  – MSP - SC

Before filling the form please read the instructions below carefully. The application should be done in one session. You can NOT save the application and continue later. So, it is wise to have all information and documents to upload (in pdf and less than 2MB!) readily available.

  Scholarships are offered under the following programmes

  1. Netherlands Fellowship Programmes - Short courses 
    Instructions for OKP-NFP  fellowship registration 
    Government Authority Statement overview:only required for the listed OKP countries & organisations 

    Documents to upload for NFP-OKP:

    Employer’s statement format - for courses in the Netherlands. Use this exact format!! 
    Employer's statement format - for courses in the South (Kenya/Nigeria). 
    Government Authority Statement format OKP 

  2. MENA Scholarship Programme - MSP SC
    Instructions for MENA-MSP scholarship registration 
    Government Authority Statement overview: only requred for the listed MENA countries & organisations
    Documents to upload for MENA-MSP 
    Employer’s statement format  use this exact format!! 
    Government Authority Statement format for MSP (MENA)

  3. STUNED Scholarships for Indonesian nationals (deadline 1 March 2018)
    Click this link
    for information in Bahasa Indonesia
    or contact the NESO Indonesia office:

    T:  +62 21 5290 2172, contact hours by phone: Monday to Friday 08.00 AM - 11.00 AM (Dutch Time)     


Important information:
OKP-NFP country list 2018 for short courses
OKP-NFP information for applicants (e.g. eligibility) 
Additional information on OKP-NFP is available at: Nuffic/OKP
Additional information on MSP is available at: Nuffic/MENA
MENA/MSP information for applicants (e.g. eligibility) 
Terms and conditions for OKP-NFP and MSP fellowship holders

Last update on 3 January 2018


Scholarship Application

You may check whether you are eligible for either an OKP-NFP or MSP scholarship in the country lists below:
Please note that ICRA has no funds for financing course participation and is unable to assist applicants in obtaining fellowships. In case you are not eligible for a OKP-NFP or MENA Scholarship, you may check this link for other scholarship opportunities: Funding opportunities
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