Making Innovation Work

Making Innovation Work

Making agribusiness partners the driving force of innovation processes

Are you passionate about making innovation work for the agribusiness sector?

Your mission is to help small-scale farmers and agribusinesses to increase their income and flourish as an enterprise. You have identified several promising opportunities, but getting others as interested to collaborate and invest is harder than you imagined! You are not the only one: many researchers, professionals from Government and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) often struggle to get producers and business actors committed to actively participate in innovation processes. A lot of time and effort is invested, yet key players drop-out and impact remains little.  

It does not have to be like that!

Imagine: your contribution is to get the buy-in from agribusiness players and scale up innovations to have a real impact. It is with your help that a dialogue is established; giving room to the needs, knowledge and experience of all parties involved. Under your guidance, shared interests are identified that lead to inclusive, practical and sustainable business solutions that people want to invest in.

"Making Innovation Work" allows you to become a key player in making innovation work for the agribusiness sector.

We are passionate about helping innovators like you reach this goal! Your work will have great and sustainable impact when you know how:

  • to deal and navigate the complexity and unpredictability that are inherent to innovation processes
  • to identify and apply appropriate and proven business models and ways to upscale innovation
  • to find out the different interests of key players and help them achieve common ground, by considering the minority view
  • to identify win-win business solutions - without having to compromise
  • to recognise ‘bumps in the road’ and successfully handle conflicts and design mitigation strategies through effective reflecting and learning
  • to understand yourself and your role as facilitator or accelerator of multi-stakeholder processes

This is exactly what you will learn in our 3-month blended-learning programme.

What kind of course is this?

The course "Making Innovation Work" is a three-month blended learning programme including online and group training. It combines the advantages of group learning and digital (on and offline) learning instruments.

In the group training you will learn from people from different contexts, getting exposure to other realities during real-life case studies and field visits. During the group training you will also be exposed to interactive learning and facilitation techniques that might inspire and serve as role model for you.

The digital instruments will allow you to learn at the time that suits your agenda best. It will also assure application and adaptation to your own reality while being coached by trainers with a wide range of experiences.

Course components

Two-week group training in Nigeria at IITA Campus in Ibadan (residential)

You will learn about the building blocks of innovation processes and how to navigate projects in complex settings. You will assess proven business models and their relevance to accelerate entrepreneurial development. You will learn how to involve public and private sector players and motivate them to commit and invest into long-term strategic partnerships.  

The core case study in this training course is the biological control technology “Aflasafe”, developed by IITA and their partners. Aflasafe is a unique and powerful tool against aflatoxin, and is now commercially available in several countries. In the field, you will visit and talk to stakeholders that are part of this innovation process in Nigeria and learn about the dynamics of such processes. You will learn how partners are scaling up production of Aflasafe and commercialising it in such a way that manufacturing- and supply systems are economically viable and sustainable, for many years to come. You will learn about licensing a mixture of manufacturing, distribution and marketing roles to local partners and reflect on the role you could play in such a process.  

In addition to getting know-how on innovative concepts, approaches and tools you will acquire hands-on skills:

  • to design multi-stakeholder meetings
  • guide group discussion towards successful outcomes while keeping everybody on board and finish in time
  • how to positively influence difficult dynamics and lead negotiation processes towards win-win solutions without harming relationships

Digital modules (online)

The digital modules consist of audio and video files, transcripts, ready-made templates, background reading and practical assignments deepening the materials dealt with in the face-to-face training.

Individual coaching (online)

You will get personal feedback from the iCRA trainers and fellow trainees on your practical assignments as well as coaching - as you apply your learnings in your own context. We help you achieve your personal learning objectives.

Online mastermind sessions (online).

During online group mastermind sessions, you can ask all the questions you like and discuss and reflect upon common challenges with your fellow trainees and iCRA trainer.  

Who can attend this course?

The course is specially designed for professionals who are.. 

  • mid-career project & programme managers from international & national NGOs and Government extension services working in the agri-sector
  • ambitious and want to make a change
  • ready to invest 2-4 hours per week on online learning and assignments during 10 weeks before and after the group training 
  • proficient in English

Making Agribusiness Work is offered in English and in Spanish. For more information about the Spanish course go here

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This course is a recognised NUFFIC course and therefore qualifies for OKP & MENA Scholarships. Each course participant will receive a certificate of attendance after completing all elements of the three-month programme.   


Date and venue

7 - 18 June 2021 | Ibadan, Nigeria ((10 May - 23 July full programme incl online learning)



Course costs

Tuition fee: 4479 euros

cost options

Note: Price is excluding 21% VAT. Please contact iCRA to verify whether VAT applies. In some cases, VAT can be reclaimed by the employer.

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Making Innovation Work is offered in English and in Spanish. For more information about the Spanish course go here

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