Richard Hawkins

Executive director and member of the management team


+31 317 422938

Based in:
The Netherlands

PhD and BSc in Crop Sciences from Nottingham University, UK


Agricultural scientist with more than 25 years experience of rural innovation systems in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Richard has a long history with ICRA. He joined ICRA in 1990. From 2001 to 2012 he managed and supported ICRA's partnerships in Africa and Latin America to develop individual and organisational capacity for collective innovation in agriculture, as well as developing the ARD learning resources available on this web site. During 1998 to 2001, Richard was based in Mexico as ICRA representative to the Latin American Programme for Leadership Training in Rural Development, in Puebla, Mexico, in collaboration with the Postgraduate College of Mexico (CP), the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish and Food (SAGARPA), and the International Network for Farming Systems Research Methodology (RIMISP). From 1990 to 1998, Richard was coordinator of the ICRA Anglophone Programme in Wageningen. From 1998 he was a Senior Associate from his base in England and in November 2012 Richard was appointed director of ICRA.


Before joining ICRA, Richard worked with Winrock International as farming systems advisor in hilly areas in Indonesia (1988-1990) and Nepal (1986-1988). He worked with the British DA (now DFID) as crop physiologist at CATIE, Central America (1980-1985). His PhD fieldwork, on the effects of temperature on maize growth, development and yield, was carried out in Kenya (1976-1978).









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