Mundie Salm

Advisor in higher education outreach & learning


Based in:
The Netherlands

Mundie has a BSc in International Development & Geography from the University of Toronto, Canada (1992), and an MSc in Ecological Agriculture from Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands (1997). She is currently doing a part-time Masters of Education at the Open University, UK.


Mundie has worked for the last ten years on design and development of agricultural curricula and teaching materials at the secondary and tertiary (vocational and university) levels. Alongside materials production, an important focus is on improving the capacity of teachers or facilitators to use them in interactive, practical ways. Of particular interest is finding creative ways to make the most of the resources available - including different actors – in so-called fragile or resource-poor contexts.

In addition, Mundie has worked as a journalist, writer and editor within the domain of sustainable development. She now combines these skills with her curriculum development experience to facilitate learning workshops, and writeshops to collaboratively develop materials or other publications.



Originally from Canada, Mundie's professional activities focus on education and communications around sustainable agriculture and development themes.

Prior to ICRA, Mundie was a curriculum development advisor at the Centre of Development Innovation at Wageningen University and Research Centre were her main task was in an agricultural TVET project in Afghanistan. A key formative experience has been working for the FAO in Mozambique from 2004-2007 on an agriculture and life skills education project for vulnerable youth.

Countries of main work experience include Mozambique, Lesotho, South Africa, Afghanistan, Canada and the Netherlands.

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