Juan Ceballos-Müller

Coordinator capacity strengthening programmes and member of the management team



+31 317 422 938

Based in:
The Netherlands

Anglophone and Hispanophone countries

MSc Agricultural Science, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany MSc International Agricultural Development, majoring in socioeconomy, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


Designing, facilitating and building capacities in innovation at individual, organisational and systems levels, facilitating multi-stakeholder learning processes, kick-starting project activities and moving from design to action.

Juan’s competence is getting people to work together. Specifically professionals who need to work together around a problem and have never done so before and come from different backgrounds, different disciplines and different organisations. He is able to create a setting in which he can draw from, and build upon the knowledge & skills of the learners and enable them to address the problems they face.

“I am not a teacher because I am not the one in front of the group telling them what I know and what to do. I engage with the group and use their capacities in a way that I think is useful to them.”

What characterises Juan’s approach is that he doesn’t work with a fixed learning programme. As he builds upon the experience and knowledge of the participants, he facilitates a learning process, which goals have been jointly defined with the diverse participants involved, who actually own the learning programme. Juan draws from his 25 years of experience in capacity strengthening activities to ensure that the learning develops in such a way that the goals are met.


Juan is project manager and facilitator/trainer at ICRA. He designs and executes capacity building programs for professionals from research, agricultural advisory services, farmer organisations and the private sector. His passion is to help people to jointly learn to solve a problem in the wider context of agricultural and rural development.


Juan is a German-Colombian, who grew up in Colombia and studied in Germany and the USA. He worked for GIZ in Latin America (Ecuador, Honduras), initially as an agricultural socio-economist. Soon his talent for inspiring learning among people was discovered and he has remained in the capacity development field after his GIZ time, first at the German Centre for Advanced Training in Agriculture and Rural Development (SLE) in Berlin, Germany and since 1998 at the ICRA head office in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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