Françoise de Chevigny

Office manager, Montpellier


Based in:


Office management, website management


Françoise de Chevigny joined ICRA in 1992 and is the Montpellier Office Manager. She supports the administration of ICRA and the CDAIS project, and keeps regular contacts with ICRA alumni.

Françoise also shares her time between the Embrapa Labex Europe and the Labintex. Both are external laboratories of respectively EMBRAPA (Brasil) and INTA (Argentina). In past years, she has supported the Internal Audit Unit of the CGIAR Consortium and the EFARD Secretariat.


Before joining ICRA, Françoise worked in West Africa in international development projects. In Burkina Faso, she promoted African handicrafts in Europe through S.I.G.N.U.R., a Burkinabè private company; coordinated the activities of an agro-ecological training centre through Le Point Mulhouse, a French NGO; and developed agricultural resource materials for the Service National de Vulgarisation Agricole, funded by FAO. In Mauritania, Françoise organized the administration and implementation of national agricultural, health and food aid projects through the Mauritanian Red Crescent.

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