Call for proposals for a video production

Development of a web documentary in Mali

For a project ICRA and its partners are implementing in Mali we would like to commission the production of
a web documentary.

Description and context

Following a joint request from four institutes of Higher Education (HEI) in Mali, namely l'Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs Abderhame Baba Touré (ENI-ABT), l'Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA ),  l'Université des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques de Bamako (USJPB) and l'Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB), a capacity-building project of Higher Education Institutions in Integrated Water Management (IWM) started on 1 October 2016.

The project is financed by the Dutch organisation Nuffic  and implemented by a consortium led by ICRA (Netherlands) including SupAgro (France), RAIN Foundation (Netherlands) and Meta-Meta (Netherlands). The general aim of the project is to strengthening four Higher Education Institutes in Bamako in order to offer training that is gender sensitive and labour market oriented, and ensure that graduates are able to apply an Integrated Water Management (IWM) approach in their profession.

More specifically the project expects to achieve the following results:

1.       Training programs include IWM as a multidisciplinary dimension, link to the labour market and take into account gender issues; and teachers are strengthened in designing and delivering programs with an IWM perspective.

2.       Research programs integrate IWM and gender-sensitive issues

3.       Management of the Instituts d'Enseignement Supérieur (IES) is efficient and the cohesion between the HEIs in place.

4.       Needs of stakeholder are included in the programs; and HEI are visible and known abroad  

The consortium  is issuing a call for proposals to produce a web documentary aimed at spreading the experiences gained during the joint process of building an IWM Master programme as by the four above universities. Short films should be produced and made available through a website during the course of the project; and if helpful, the films can combine texts, photos and any other types of illustrations.

Purpose of the web documentary

The web documentary should essentially contribute to achieve project  results 3 and 4. The audiences and intended messages are:
1.       Students who wish to study at these universities: to give them a perspective on what the study entail and what professions they may seek after finalising a Master in Integrated Water Management and why they should choose these universities in Bamako to do their IWM Master and not go somewhere else.
2.       Future employers of HEI graduates: to show how graduates are being trained, what  specific IWM skills they are acquiring, and why employers should hire them.
3.       Professionals/projects/companies/civil society organisations: to promote the IES and encourage them to request their services, e.g. short professional courses, research and lab services
4.     Potential donors and/or financial partners: to attract additional funding by showing the new competences and capabilities acquired by graduates  of these universities and their capacity to be an interesting partner in education, research and outreach. 


·        A web documentary (combination of website and videos) with inter-active character that serves at least mentioned target groups above.

·        The language used  in the videos and website should be French. Where relevant video could be in local language with French subtitles.

·        The website should visually attractive and simple to navigate for its visitors

·        The website hosting the web documentary should be easy to maintain and update by the HEI who will be the owners of the website. 


The consortium seeks to work with proven professional filmmakers and website builders, preferably based in Mali or the West African region. The bidder should be familiar with the Malian context and customs and be able to deliver a product in French and Bambara.
As the task covers the lifespan of the project, capturing the process as it develops overtime, as well as the development of the IWM Master programme, the bidder should be willing to accept that the finalisation of the final product might take 3 years.   

Maximum budget available

The maximum available budget for the development of this web documentary is 25 000 Euro

Outline of the proposal

 The bidder should provide a proposal in French that describes: 

·       The general set-up of the web documentary (website, video and other elements) and step of its development 

·       The characteristics of the ‘story lines’ in line with the expected deliverables, and  how story lines will be developed.

·       The technical specification of the website, technical skills and maintenance requirements for the end-user (Malian universities) after delivery

·       The CV of the bidder’s team

·       References of former clients and examples of similar work realised by the bidder

·       A general work plan with timeframe

·       Estimation of time that may be expected from staff of the Malian universities and consortium members to interact with the bidder

·       Budget with main items over a period of three years

Submission and more information

Please send your proposal by email to:  no later than 5 PM Friday 11 August, 2017.
It is our intention to contact bidders within two weeks after the closing date.
In case of questions you can contact or call  +31 (0317) 422 938


Call for a video production (Mali)

Subject:  Integrated Water Management (IWM) studies and their learning approach at four Higher Education Institutes (HEI) in Mali

Audience:  future students, future employers of IWM graduates, potential clients, donors and financial partners of these HEIs 

Submission deadline:  11 August 2017

Budget:  25 000 Euro

Period of production: possibly 3 years

PDF version of the CALL

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