Toon van Eijk

Trainer in NICHE projects in Egypt and Rwanda

Based in:
The Netherlands

PhD in Farming Systems Research from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. MSc from Wageningen University, the Netherlands


Toon is a pragmatic agronomist with insight in the wider context of sustainable rural development and demonstrated experience in all phases of project cycle management (PCM). His multi-disciplinary background allows him to cover crosscutting issues such as gender and environment adequately. Recently he has been advising various agricultural service providers in Kyrgyzstan and completed a TOT training course on the management of agricultural cooperatives. 


For ICRA, Toon was recently involved in training missions to the Farmer Field School - Center of Excellence (FFS-CE) in Fayoum, Egypt (NICHE/EGY/109), in which senior staff members of the FFS-CE were trained on action research.
In 2015, Toon was involved for ICRA in the NICHE/RWA/100 project  "Development of a gender-sensitive Agro forestry/Forestry/Agriculture Extension Centre at the National University of Rwanda".


Toon van Eijk is a senior rural development expert and multi-disciplinary tropical agronomist with extensive field experience in Eastern & Southern Africa. His focus is poverty reduction. He worked over 20 years in Africa. through integrated rural development, in projects funded by FAO, IFAD, World Bank, UNOPS, AfDB, DGIS, FINNIDA, SIDA, NORAD, various Embassies and NGOs. His fields of expertise are: sustainable rural development, tropical agronomy, farming systems research and development, agricultural extension (Farmer Field Schools), commercialization of smallholder agriculture, value chain development, rural innovation, management and institutional set-up of agricultural research and extension, rural sociology including livelihoods approaches, and farmer cooperatives and organizations.

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