Petronella Chaminuka

Trainer in NICHE projects, South Africa


Based in:
South Africa

Petronella holds a PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and MSc and BSc degrees from the University of Zimbabwe.


Petronella is a research specialist in agricultural and development issues. She has published in peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed media. Capacity building – training of trainers, facilitators/educators and farmers. Institutional development (facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes, gender mainstreaming in R & D). Managerial skills such as teambuilding, conflict management and multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional project management. 


Petronella Chaminuka joined ICRA as an Associate in 2012, and became involved in ICRA’s NICHE projects in Southern Africa. She co-edited two books from the NICHE projects in South Africa. She currently heads the Economic Analysis Unit of the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa. 


Petronella has worked in agricultural research and development in Zimbabwe and South Africa for more than 20 years. From 2003 to 2015 she worked as Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Economics at University of Limpopo, where she participated and led various collaborative projects with Dutch partners. At the University of Limpopo, Petronella was a champion for Gender Mainstreaming in Agricultural Education and Research, and also led initiatives to build capacity for Interactive learning and teaching amongst staff members.
A firm believer in ICRA’s mission and vision, Petronella considers herself as an ICRA ambassador in Southern Africa.

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