Marie-Jo Dugué

Trainer in various projects


Based in:

Institutioniona change; multi-actor processes

Agricultural engineer (1975) from the National Agronomical Institute of Paris-Grignon (INAPG), France.


Marie-Jo has been involved in training and pedagogical experiences with different types of trainees (students, farmers, extension staff) in many fields (agronomy, social and economical aspects of farming systems, institutional support to FOs, etc.). She is highly experienced in institutional change and multi-actor processes involving FOs.


Marie-Jo joined ICRA in 2006 as a consultant. She is currently involved in activities in IFDC's 2SCALE programme and in ICRA-led NICHE projects in Benin and Ethiopia. She was involved in various ICRA activities for IFDC's 1000s+ programme in West Africa.


Marie-Jo occupied a teaching and research assistant position in Agronomy in INAPG. In 1981 she joined ESITPA agricultural engineer school as a plant production sector manager while working on adult training for agricultural extension agents.

From 1984-1988 she worked in a research and development project in Burkina Faso, on studies related to agrarian systems and farming systems at village and regional level. Subsequentely, till 1992, she was in Senegal as a consultant for a project supporting an FO in Casamance, developing a technical monitoring and evaluation system for the FO’s members. From August 1993 till July 1997 she worked in North Cameroon, assisting an early-stage farmers’ organization in institutional management, training to its members, and in partnership development. From 1999 till 2002 she was in Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire, as coordinator for the Inland Valley Consortium at WARDA. Early 2003 she joined CIEPAC, an NGO oriented towards support to local development, both in France as in Southern (mainly West African) countries, supporting, advising, facilitating Farmers’ Organisations or Civil Society associations, and training FOs’ leaders and support staff. In the recent past, Marie-Jo mainly worked with rice farmers organisations in Western Africa.

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