Trainer in WAAPP


Based in:

MSc in management and development of tropical environments, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Gembloux, Belgium. Agronomist, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Gembloux, Belgium.


Agronomist production systems
Specialist decentralisation and sustainable management of natural resources
Coaching expertise initiation and multi-stakeholder innovation platforms
Trainer participatory approaches, IAR4D approach, and value chains
Trainer advocacy and negotiation skills, team management, facilitation of innovation platform 


M'piè BENGALI is an ICRA 2014 alumnus and he is for ICRA involved in the institutionalization of agricultural innovation systems/platfroms through the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), which is executed by a GRAD-ICRA-IITA Consortium to support CORAF/WECARD efforts and its constituent NARS in West and Central Africa.  


From 1990 to 2011, Mr. BENGALI worked as a researcher at the Institute of Rural Economy (IER) on production systems and natural resource management. He worked on several themes including the management of natural resources, weed control, crop-livestock integration, fertility management. During this period, Mr. Bengali was extensively exposed to participatory approaches to action research and value chain analysis. After a training at ICRA in 2011, he applies the IAR4D approach, including the initiation and facilitation of innovation platforms and incubation process in agribusiness for job creation. He has been a trainer in all mentioned areas. Mr BENGALI is author of several scientific publications (articles, technical notes, methodological notes, films and video tapes, etc.). 

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