Lazarus Ruben Yarima

Trainer-mentor in 2SCALE


Based in:

Lazarus Yarima has a university degree in mechanical engineering from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria (1979), a Post Graduate Diploma in Projects Management from Arthur D. Little, Boston Massachusetts, USA (1988) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Problem Accounts Management from Private Development Corporation of the Philippines (1986).


Experienced manager, advisor and trainer in business development and planning, microfinance, value chain development and agribusiness.


Lazarus is a national trainer for ICRA in the 2SCALE project since 2013. 


Currently director/adviser in 5 organizations. Has been a director In 17 manufacturing industries and a leading partner in over 70 business planning and project management services. Has been involved in facilitating/trainings in over 40 technical and strategic agribusiness issues. Lazarus has worked for over 10 years as an Assistant Controller at the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, prior to working as a Programmes Coordinator at the Organization for Sustainable Community Development (OSCD) and a consultant at KLUTT. Since 2008 he is a senior managing consultant at Klutt Company Ltd., Kaduna, Nigeria and, since 2013, an ICRA trainer in the 2SCALE project.

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