Jacqueline Terrillon

Trainer ECART project, Uganda


Based in:

MA in International Development and Cooperation from University of Ottawa, Canada (1994)


Experienced gender specialist and trainer/facilitator with more than 18 years involvement in development work in Canada, Western and Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe. She is base in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since January 2016. 


Jacqueline Terrillon is involved for ICRA in the ECART project at Gulu University in Uganda since 2013. 


Jacqueline Terrillon has worked with  a wide range of stakeholders like line ministries, state advisory services, local governments, international and local NGOs, civil society organizations, private sector companies and research institutes. She is experienced in project cycle management, design and implementation of gender mainstreaming strategies and policies, including gender based analysis, gender sensitive strategic planning; design & facilitation of training sessions/individual coaching; knowledge management: analysis and evaluation of best practices in areas such as governance and empowerment, value chain development, the education sector, writing of case studies and project reference sheets, and design and facilitation of documentation processes.


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