Houndjinhou Christophe Kinha

Trainer in WAAPP, West Africa


Based in:

MSc in Project Management/Program and Quality, and Masters degree in Sociology and Anthropology.


Christophe KINHA has over 15 years of expertise in education and training engineering, capacity building frameworks, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs. He is also highly experienced in multi-stakeholder process facilitation, co-learning and co-rural innovation.


Christophe KINHA is an ICRA alumnus from 2006 and from 2009. For ICRA, he is involved in the institutionalization of agricultural innovation systems/platfroms through the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), which is executed by a GRAD-ICRA-IITA Consortium to support CORAF/WECARD efforts and its constituent NARS in West and Central Africa. 


Specialist Training and Capacity Building at IFDC since 2014. Before, Christophe Kinha was at FUPRO-BENIN, where he was the coordinator of the PROTOCON project, aimed at strengthening the cotton producer organizations in Benin. Prior tho that, he was involved in project monitoring and evaluation of the national association of cotton producers in Benin (ANCP-B).

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