Charles Muyanja

Trainer in ECART project, Uganda

Based in:

Charles Muyanja holds a PhD in Food Science (microbiology/biotechnology) from the University of Life sciences, Norway.


Food safety and quality are Charles Muyanja's main fields of interest and experience. He is both a lecturer and researcher. He is a food safety consultant with Food Safety Associates Ltd (Uganda) and Air Water Earth Environmental consultants (AWE, Uganda). He trained in Food Safety in USA, South Africa and Israel.
Charles is also a member of the Uganda National Codex Committee that advises the Government on the National Food Control issues. He contributed to shaping national policies and industrial actions with respect to Food Safety and Quality. 


Charles Muyanja is an ICRA 2009 alumnus and involved for ICRA in the ECART project at Gulu University. He is a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Science and Technology of Markerere University, Uganda. 


Charles Muyanja has 21 years of experience in teaching and research. He has researched on the safety of street vended foods and consumer behavior in Uganda. He partnered with colleagues from College of Surgeon, Dublin, Ireland, under the solar disinfection of water (SOSI) project aimed at providing safe water to rural communities. He has published several papers in reputable scientific journal such International Journal of Microbiology, Food control, Food Policy and Journal of Food Protection, Water journal and Applied Food Microbiology and Food Contaminants Muyanja’s current efforts are centered on dissemination of food safety knowledge, developing food safety policies and collaboration research with industries to met the required food safety standards.  

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