Bernard Dedjelenou

Trainer-mentor in 2SCALE, Benin


Based in:

Bernard Dedjelenou has an MSc in rural development.


Bernard Dejelenou has seventeen years of experience in supporting agricultural professional organizations in the field of good governance (transparent and efficient management), development of economic services to grassroot producers and capacity building of value chain actors. He has been involved form many years in supporting the improvement of quality and export of pineapple in Benin and in developing rural entrepreneurship. 


Bernard DEDJELENOU is a national trainer-mentor for ICRA in the 2SCALE project since 2014 in the soya value chain in Benin.


Bernard Dedjelenou is an economic manager. He has been a Director/Coordinator of the South Benin Producer Organisation since 2000, since 2007 as the Director/Coordinator of the Union Régionale des Producteurs de l'Atlantique-Littoral (URP-AL) and worked as trainer consultant at NGOs prior to that.

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