Aberra Deressa

Trainer-consultant in NICHE project, Ethiopia

Based in:

Dr Deressa's areas of research include seed multiplication in maize-, bean- and sorghum-based farming systems and interventions to address problems of soil infertility, drought and natural resource degradation. Throughout his career, he has focussed on improving links among farmers, extension agents and agricultural researchers. He has made outstanding contributions in research programme development; in extension services, technology transfer and capacity building; and in improving links among widely diverse stakeholders in agricultural development.

Aberra Deressa has a PhD in agronomy and soil science from Tashkent Agricultural University, Uzbekistan. 


Researcher, coordinator, manager, institutional development  


Aberra Deressa is an ICRA alumnus from 1994 and since then kept in touch with ICRA and was involved in many of ICRA's activities in Ethiopa. Since 2013 he is involved in the Holeta ATVET project that ICRA is leading.


Aberra Deressa started his scientific career in 1974 at Ethiopia’s Institute of Agricultural Research, as an agronomist, then as coordinator of research extension and finally the centre manager. From 2005 to 2006, Aberra was Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organisation (EARO) and from 2007 to 2011 he was State Minster in Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Dr Deressa served on several boards and national committees and has been country coordinator with the United Nations Development Program and with ICRA.


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