Innovation only takes place when people work together. ICRA strengthens innovative capacity by providing training and coaching to professionals and multi-partner teams.

Inclusive agribusiness clusters support smallholder farmers to sell their produce. ICRA professionalizes business support services and the skills of intermediaries through its networks of business trainers.

Agricultural universities can struggle to effectively engage with the society around them. ICRA helps educational institutions to be more relevant to the needs of farmers and consumers.

ICRA helps to overcome challenges during agricultural innovation processes. We develop competences, capabilities and capacity – so great ideas can be turned into practical tools to improve food security.

Building Skills, Changing Outlooks



Obituary Nour-Eddine Sellamna

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to the quiet giant of ICRA. Richard Hawkins (on behalf of the ICRA family) has written this obituary in Nour-Eddine Sellamna's honour. Nour-Eddine Sellamna: quiet giant of ICRA, who linked the Francophone and Anglophone worlds of Agriculture Research for Development.


Strengthening Technical, Vocational Education and Training in the Dairy Sector in East Africa

This study was commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Food Quality to assess the need, relevance, priorities, limitations and possible modalities of an East African Dairy TVET project, with the ambition to formulate a project or programme that initiates and contributes to the systemic change considered necessary to enable and ensure that TVET systems and services are based on the needs of a professional, competitive, sustainable and inclusive dairy sector. The study was tasked to look at the public responsibilities for TVET, especially at system level, the initial education/training, the scope and options for the private parties in training & coaching, cost recovery options and business models. Also, the need and prospects of PPP-arrangements were included


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The ICRA handouts include short downloadable documents on key concepts, methodological approaches and guidelines to particular tools and techniques.

Feb 2018

TPR Module 2- Stockage et conservation des produits agricoles

Modules Stockage, conservation et Transformation des produits agricoles Attention : ce document, élaboré avec la contribution d’experts ouest-africains des filières agricoles, contient 2 modules : i) Stockage & conservation des produits ; ii) Transformation des produits agricoles. Module 1 (TPR) / Stockage-conservation : Une première partie « Guide de formation » en 8 séquences à l’intention des formateurs ; Une seconde partie avec 1 fiche technique ; Une troisième partie riche d’exercices et de corrigés. Module 2 (TPR) / Transformation : Une première partie « Guide de formation » en 8 séquences à l’intention des formateurs ; Une seconde partie avec 13 fiches techniques ; Une troisième partie riche d’exercices et de corrigés. Ce document intègre la dimension de Genre.

Feb 2018

Posters Cultures vivrières – Transformation des produits agricoles

Posters_TPR_module2 Etuvage_ Riz Transformation_Arachide_Pate Transformation_Arachides_Tourteaux Transformation_Mais_Couscous Transformation_Mais_Degerme Transformation_Niebe_Beignets Transformation_Niebe_Farine Transformation_Riz_Royal Transformation_Soja_Farine Transformation_Soja_Fromage Transformation_Sorgho_Bouillie Transformation_Sorgho_Enrichi

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