Innovation only takes place when people work together. ICRA strengthens innovative capacity by providing training and coaching to professionals and multi-partner teams.

Inclusive agribusiness clusters support smallholder farmers to sell their produce. ICRA professionalizes business support services and the skills of intermediaries through its networks of business trainers.

Agricultural universities can struggle to effectively engage with the society around them. ICRA helps educational institutions to be more relevant to the needs of farmers and consumers.

ICRA helps to overcome challenges during agricultural innovation processes. We develop competences, capabilities and capacity – so great ideas can be turned into practical tools to improve food security.

Building Skills, Changing Outlooks



Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems - making agricultural innovation systems work

Renforcer les capacités pour les systèmes d’innovation en agriculture (CDAIS)

Desarrollo de Capacidades para Sistemas de Innovación Agropecuaria

The project aims at establishing a global partnership on Capacity Development in Agricultural Innovation Systems, with needs assessed and approaches and validated in 8 pilot countries. Main goal is making agricultural innovation systems more efficient in meeting the demands of farmers, agri-business and consumers.

Prouver qu’améliorer les capacités dans les systèmes d’innovation en agriculture peut avoir un impact positif sur la vie des populations rurales démunies.

Demostrar que mejorar capacidades en sistemas de innovación agropecuaria puede tener un efecto positivo en la vida de los pobres en las áreas rurales. El proyecto tendrá en cuenta las diferentes dimensiones del desarrollo de capacidades (individuales, organizacionales y entorno propicio), así como las capacidades funcionales y técnicas.


2SCALE: Towards Strategic Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship

2SCALE - Créer des pôles d'entreprises agricoles stratégiques par un apprentissage de l'entreprenariat (2SCALE)

The 2SCALE project is the largest agribusiness incubator in Africa, working with farmers and entrepreneurs in 12 countries. 2SCALE builds relationships among farmers and connects them with buyers and intermediaries, processors, markets, financial and technical support services to enable them to create and grow new businesses.

Le projet 2SCALE, le plus grand incubateur en agrobusiness d’Afrique, s’adresse à des agriculteurs et des entrepreneurs dans 12 pays. 2SCALE met en relation les agriculteurs entre eux et les relie aux acheteurs et intermédiaires, aux agroindustriels, marchés, services d’appui financier et technique pour leur permettre de créer et de développer de nouvelles entreprises.

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The ICRA handouts include short downloadable documents on key concepts, methodological approaches and guidelines to particular tools and techniques.

Jul 2015

Warrantage of agricultural products, 2SCALE Module 7

The 2SCALE learning modules have been developed by ICRA for coaches from Business Support Services who are to support agribusiness clusters within the 2SCALE project. Each module is a package containing: 1) Facilitators’ Guide on how to conduct a training session/workshop 2) Reference sheets, commonly referred to as hand-outs, and excerpts from educational films 3) Exercises. Each part has a cover so that, when printing the module, the parts can be easily separated for use.

Jun 2015

A new dynamics for community service in Ethiopian higher education

Policy brief 1/2015 of the Educational Strategy Center in Ethiopia. Published by MSM and EP-NUFFIC Produced by Dr. Nour Eddine Sellamna, ICRA, and Dr. Amare Asgedom Gebremedhin, Director Institute of Educational Research, Ethiopia, February 2015

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